Android Native Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is one of most interesting topic today, especially the android mobile development is one of rising , job orient and fully enthusiastic work!
Android mobile developers usually develop applications using java that is the common way but when you need to develop more complex and advanced applications such as android game development and image processing things, you may need to know how the Android native developments help such kind of scenarios.

Android Native Development involves,

  • Develop applications using C or C++ and embed that code to your normal java application.
  • Execute your natively developed code like a normal application.

What you need ?

  • You need C or C++ IDE/Text editor to write your code (Ex-Notepad++) ,Its possible to use Eclipse with CDT support
  • Android SDK + Eclipse IDE
  • You need Android NDK (from Android developers site or from Crystax site)
  • You need Cygwin for C/C++ code compilation (if you are using windows environment)

From next post we will discuss how to do this step by step