Run ApacheDS on Docker

ApacheDS is a free and opensource simple directory management software. If you need to quickly setup LDAP for any of your projects , ApacheDS will be the easiest and most prominent solution. There are some advance and feature-full solutions such as FreeIPA but setup will be a pain in the ass for developers (if you are not from DevOps background)

Unfortunately there are no official images in the Docker Hub for ApacheDS. Here are some simple steps to up and run your own docker based LDAP server !

Build the ApacheDS Image

docker build -t apacheds 

Run the container

docker run -dt --name apacheds_container -p 389:10389 -p 636:10636 apacheds:latest

Here we expose 336 as our LDAP port to outside world

LDAP Clients

There are various LDAP clients available to examine and view directory structures.

It is recommended to use Apache Directory Studio but for a quick demo I will use JXplorer (default admin password is ‘secret’)

Now you have full access to your LDAP. You can create new partitions and add entries as you wish.